Oh No! Video Games!

Laura returns! Josh isn't around! It's the perfect ON!VG! line-up!

Our new show art is by Wicked-Draws! We talk about Contextual Maps! Amiibos! We do our most unsettling Patreon Advertisement so far!

Closing out the episode is the track Werewolf on the Dance Floor by The Robot Knights! We briefly talked about the Jetta Rae interview with Christine Love and Maddy Myers. The Robot Knights is a band that Myers is in! They're rad, it turns out!

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Starcraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm
Game Of The Year: 420BLAZEIT
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Alien: Isolation
Seventh Hero / Android: Infiltration
Smash Bros / Amiibos
Endless Legend
Tales From The Borderlands (and other recent telltale stuff)


When Cheese Fails Episode 8
Please Let Me Get What I Want
That Maddy Myers/Christine Love Interview

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