Oh No! Video Games!

Podcast! Okay! Cool!

Music’s by The Glowing Stars. Art’s by Alex Davis.

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Dust! Darksiders! Gamescom! Katamari! Argument champion! Polygon! This episode has all the stuff!

Art's by Alex Davis, Music's by The Glowing Stars

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ON!VG! Episode 56: From the Creators of Duke Nukem Forever

Hey Tom is uploading the episode this week and he's never done that before so if it's all gone wrong it is probably the fault of internet goblins.

Thanks to Alex "Singyamatokun" Davis, The Glowing Stars and you the listeners.

No Mat this week he was at Gamescom.

I went on for a bit too long about Legend of Grimrock but maybe you'll like it, who knows.

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I want real life Space Jam so bad.

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