Oh No! Video Games!

Thanks for surviving through our odd update schedule! Everything should probably all be in order now that we've gained a level of structure back in our lives.

The thing about getting a few months off of university is it leaves you a little directionless. I suppose, rather than commiting to podcasting once a week, we were instead more concerned with finally etting some sunlight.

Anyway, this week we talk about a heckton about Jim Carrey's Product Placement, The Binding of Isaac's versimilitude, the correct use of "Mad World", bureaucratic destruction and we answer, like, two questions!

Thanks to The Glowing StarsAlex "Singyamatokun" Davis and Danny Baranowsky!

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Serious warning: Because of some silly audio issues this episode is horrible to listen to on headphones. Use your PC speakers and I think you'll be fine for the most part.

Let that not remove from the awesome fact that... Oh man! We recorded this at Eurogamer Expo! And really entertaining people were also on the show with us!

Big thanks to JonTim and especially Kev from Sarcastic GamerDebbie from The Average GamerPhillipe from a website that doesn't exist, Chris from "I sort of write stuff", Mike and Chris from Ready Game Fire and Jenn from Death by Robots.

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Episode 22: J-Dubz

Is... is this how I upload a podcast? Am I doing it right?

I edited the show in lieu of Mat this week, so apologies for any audio weirdness that might go on, especially during the intro and break music. It's totally worth it though.

This week we talk about Tom's indie game developer bowel problems, Endermens, more Mortal Kombat (Moretal Kombat?) and start a new section where we have a guest on to discuss Plants VS Zombies tactics. This week's special guest: Alison!

We might not do that again.

Massive thanks to everyone's favourite band The Glowing Stars and to Alex for the always wonderful artwork. You should also donate to Mat's Extra Life Dark Souls marathon here.

As always, we will answer your questions! Send us more at @ohnovideogames!

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Hey! We talked about Depict1 this week!

We aren't doing an IGBC again for a bit, though we plan to do a Bastion Spoilercast in its place, so maybe you'll enjoy that more? Or Less, that's also a possibility.

Tweet your thoughts about this game to @ohnovideogames. We’d love to hear from you!

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Guys! You should finish Human Revolution before listening to this! Probably the original game too!

Don't worry about Invisible War, we barely even bring it up!

Also, thanks to our buddy Jamie "@jamieabeladrums" Abela who also gave us some input but mostly stayed quiet!

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Together on the track, the boys are back. This week! Prelude of the Chambered! What did we think? Listen to it! Find out!

Next week’s game is Depict1 by mirosurabu. You can tweet your thoughts to @ohnovideogames. We’d love to hear from you!

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It was Tom's Birthday! That's a great thing to happen to him. For some reason he decided to hang out with us rather than get some extreme partying done, but I can understand that now he's at the wrinkly old age of 22.

This week we talk about Belligerent Game Designers, how the Sims Social is probably more Anti-Social and discuss some "DooSex".

Massive thanks to everyone's favourite band The Glowing Stars and a super shout out to our buddy Danny who did all the break music this week. You should also check out the song which takes us out this week. So Good. 

As always, we will answer your questions! Send us more at @ohnovideogames!

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