Oh No! Video Games!

Don't give someone easy access to morphine. That's a dumb idea.

Oh: next week we're going to be doing special episodes where we play a Dark Heresy campaign. I haven't figured out the logistics of putting up hours of content in one week! It seems like it'll probably end up being expensive! We record it on Monday and hopefully that'll be fun!

Theme song’s by The Glowing StarsAlex “Singyamatokun” Davis does our art! This week both of the break songs are off the Chip In: Japan album, the first's by Bit Rat and it's called "4959", the other's by ExileFaker and that one's called "Prelude E13D35".

If you're a chiptune artist, send a message, or even a sample of your work to hello@ohnovideogames.com and maybe we'd be interested in playing it!

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There's very little that British people can call our own, but we really do hold the monopoly on getting bladdered and cutting people with very minimal provocation.

 Theme song's by The Glowing StarsAlex “Singyamatokun” Davis does our art! The two songs in the show are off Bagu and the Riverman by Dj CUTMAN & SPAMTRON!

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