Oh No! Video Games!

We'd have preferred more content last week, y'know. We didn't have anything to discuss and then the news wells just busted open today.

Music's by The Glowing Stars. Art's By Alex Davis.

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It's true!

Martin, Tom, Josh and Mat get together to discuss Triple Town addiction, hula hooping, My Little Pony and more. This episode with a special remix of the Glowing Stars by Martin; keep an eye on twitter to see when the full version gets released.

Thanks as always to Alex Davis for the art.

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Sorry for the wait! We're bad at scheduling content!

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I’ll admit there’s some irony in berating a website for a terrible tribute and then pretty much only discussing the controversy, not the person.

Thanks to The Glowing Stars and Alex “Singyamatokun” Davis’.

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The best Spiderman movie, the best zombie movie and the best T-T-T-TOM DROPS feature in this week's podcast.

And so do these links!

Chip Zdarsky's Watchmen 2: http://www.warrenellis.com/?p=13655

The Death and Return of Superman:


Star Wars Ep 1 Children's trailer:


The Radiolab Sleep episode:


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Episode 37: ChatChatChatChat

ChatChat. ChatChat? ChatChat.

This week's podcast is "incrungibung", as we talk about Cart Life, the Syndicate and The Darkness II demos, and the finest elevator simulator ever made. It's probably a bit more "raw & uncut" than normal, but das how we do.

Josh edited the podcast, so naturally, you get some Pokémon dubstep this week. "Pokémon Red&Blue (I Won't Let You Take Me Seriously)" comes courtesy of Credulity Kills. And of course, The Glowing Stars play us in and out ever so graciously.

How good is Alex "Singyamatokun" Davies' art, you guys? Seriously.

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