Oh No! Video Games!

Friend of the show Patrick joins to keep us in check, and Melon gets mad at us for getting too many things wrong. Later, everything becomes terrible so we heroically run away and bump our heads on things. This is what passes for heroism in the 41st millenium, I guess?

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How can we make this happen for him?

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In which time and space get snarled up in a blah blah blah CRYSTAL SKULLS, Y'ALL. Join us for the continuing adventures of Phebia, Flavia, Hardcastle, Grunt and File.

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We talk about, like, two video games on this one.

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The Dark Heresy podcast returns with Josh GMing an amazing new space campaign starring old favourite Phebia Phrix and introducing Hardcastle McCormack and Flavia Flav. Hope you're ready for ADVENTURES in the GRIM DARKNESS of the 41ST MILLENIUM, y'all!

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Hello, you caught us in a very sleepy position.

Thanks to criticalbrit for the art this week! Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the outro theme!

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We talk about Corrypt at the start. Don't let us spoil it for you, skip to 8 minutes in if you haven't played it yet. It's excellent because of something it hides from you initially. Seriously. Don't listen to that part if you haven't played it.

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