Oh No! Video Games!

Still early in the year. We aren't playing a lot of games. I mean, I'm playing a lot of games. I played Catherine and can't talk about it for two weeks! I'm playing Soul Calibur V too and I'm still not able to talk about that. Oh well.

So, on top of the theme tune this week The Glowing Stars also let us use tracks from their colab album with Awkward Terrible. Get the album at: "http://awkwardterrible.bandcamp.com/album/horchata". We've used the songs "George Jetson's Inflatable Cop" and "Nicholas D. Wolfwood". They're great! So are the other tracks on that album!

If you like the episode art, that's great too! It's by Alex “Singyamatokun” Davis!

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It can't stop continuing.

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Welcome to 2012! Don't play Katawa Shoujo. This episode starts with a bit of talk about games that didn't quite make it into our GOTY posts but are definitely worth checking out. Don't play Katawa Shoujo. We talk about some news like the current state of the IGF and give previews of Skullgirls and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Don't play Katawa Shoujo.

If you like our theme song, that's great! It's by The Glowing Stars! If you like the episode art, that's great too! It's by Alex “Singyamatokun” Davis!

The break music the week comes courtesy of OCReMix! Check out The Life and Death of Kirby by Insert Rupee and The Unbroken by Nutritious!

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A few weeks ago we recorded a series of podcasts, live, that captured a span of Dark Heresy missions.

Today, we introduce our characters and the planet of Caveam XIV. 

You're in for a treat.

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