Oh No! Video Games!

I normally like to make the title of the episode the funniest thing we say in the show, so, uh.

In this week's: we talk about comfort being more important than surprise, the difficulty meshing video game conflict with negative commentary (and how Spec Ops fails while Risk Legacy succeeds), how Risk of Rain's too effective as a power fantasy, how games about systems interacting don't benefit from early access because all the systems have yet to be implemented and we reveal a TENYA WANYA TEENS EXCLUSIVE.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Risk Legacy
Desktop Dungeons
Risk of Rain
Pokemon Y
Voltorb Flip
Device 6
Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Negative Space
Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons
Android: Netrunner
Chess 2: The Sequel


Anita Vid
Dead Rising Thing On Kotaku
RPS Interview With The Blizzard Man
Oliver Age 24's Job Application
"so it seems GRID 2 developers completely forgot that women exist"
Steve Hogarty's Call of Duty Women Vid
The KSI Stuff
The Betrayer's Banquet
Golden Balls
Steve Hogarty's Half Life 2 Oculus Rift Vid

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