Oh No! Video Games!

I was really sleepy this episode, there were long periods while editing where I realised I was actually hearing this stuff for the first time because I had been staring vacantly into space while it actually happened. Hotline Miami! Frog Fractions! Probability 0! Prison Architect! That Slender game! Hawken! Continuity!

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There's this band called Brite Futures and they used to be called Natalie Portman's Shaved Head but then they had to change the name for legal reasons and it's a huge shame, because that name only gets more funny as it gets less topical.

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This episode is a week late because we ran out of hosting space and now I have to go edit this week's podcast so EXCUUUUUSE ME IF I DON'T FEEL LIKE WRITING SOMETHING WITTY, OK?!

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Also Mat bought Bad Piggies. I wonder if he'll bring it up at all?

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We recorded this on the Friday of Eurogamer!

There's some issue with sound levels, but unlike last year it's totally listenable!

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