Oh No! Video Games!

Maybe you should buy it. You should prob'ly buy it.

Music's by The Glowing Stars, Art's by Alex Davis.

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The naming convention for episodes of Friends was interesting because, for the most part, the names of TV Show episodes only serve to help super-fans and the production staff. You'll rarely catch anyone saying "-30-", you'll hear them say "The Last Episode of The Wire"

Not that I'm a fan, but Peter Kay used to have a spot on Channel 4 called That Peter Kay Thing, named because it wouldn't matter what the show was called, if you were talking about it down the pub the next day then you probably wouldn't have said the actual title.

So, yeah; for you. This one's the one right after all the Tentacle Bento Stuff.

Oh, we talk about the Feminist Frequency Kickstarter too, which you can and should totally help fund.

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This one's the best one. You might as well not even bother with the rest. 

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