Oh No! Video Games!

We talk a lot about really smart things like decision importance being hightened by the length of time it takes to perform an action, but first, we talk about John Campbell for a really long time!

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The start of this podcast is like a lover's embrace, but you say he's just a friend. Tune in to the latest in a series of bad decisions, in which we record a live show in my front room and drink beer and I laugh so hard it nearly breaks the mic. Video games, y'all!

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Indie Game Book Club is back, and it's blockier than ever. In this episode, we discuss Thirty Flights of Loving, ´╗┐Brendon Chung's amazing new game. Check it out and then have a listen!

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THE GRAND FINALE. Will the acolytes escape? Will Eleanor and Jeffrey finally kiss? Will Phebia ever quit being a badass? Tune in to find out the answer to at least one of these questions!

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