Oh No! Video Games!

This is one of those times where everything about the podcast fits together! We're just Mat and Tom this week! It's episode 69! We talk about homophobia in Hitman Absolution! There's some recording issues where, sorry, the wrong microphone was recording on my end, but it's not that terrible. Sorry!

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We're sleepy and Mat isn't here, but we can still chat cryptically about Walking Dead, Hitman, paintballing and hecka TV. Music by Jeffrey Hellfucker.

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We get a little sad on this episode! We try to make the most out of some pretty bad situations! Join us! Get your misery on!

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 I... Just listen.

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Martin, Josh and Tom sit down and try to get to the bottom of those mysterious phone calls. Spoilers for the whole plot of Hotline Miami in here, so don't listen if you don't want to hear them.

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Hey! I edited this for the first time in about a month! I hope I've remembered how to do it!


Dota 2! - Lords management is a weird genre and it either resonates with you or doesn't. I think I like it! I still don't know anything about it!

Heads Up, Hot Dog! - Balance Hot Dogs on people's heads. Don't think too much about why.

Asphix! - A game that uses the honour system. You hold your breath if you character goes underwater and press a button to die if you breathe in. It's rare to allow the player such a level of exploitative ability! 

TF2's Cool Halloween Mode! - Josh describes it as interesting, it ends on Monday so if you're reading this after then? I guess... Wait until next year?

Prison Architect! - Martin created the perfect prison, but do things go his way??

Xcom! - Still an incredible game!

Risk Legacy! - We can barely talk about why it's cool, but keep bringing it up!

Dark Heresy! - Y'all should know about Dark Heresy already!

Dark Heresy!

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