Oh No! Video Games!

If you want your game to stand out, be stupid and don't make us pick up too many collectables. In fact, that's not limited to games, we've got scathing critiques of the music industry in this episode too!

Thanks to The Glowing Stars for our theme tune! Alex “Singyamatokun” Davis for our great-as-heck show art and Ekaj for the great Hyrule Castle Remix!

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We play Indie Games and talk about them! This is one!

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Please. Tell us about your beards. Please also tell us if it's okay for us to just talk about Community again for an overly extended portion of the show. Is it cool that we have other interests? Are you concerned with our choice of topics as long as we're still attempting to remain entertaining? Are we entertaining... at all??


Thanks to The Glowing StarsAlex “Singyamatokun” Davis and FUCKING WEREWOLF ASSO for two tracks from their album NITTIOTREMO!

You should buy it! It's great!

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How do you ask shop assistants to go out with you? We don't know. What we do know is that games shouldn't be Fake Open Worlds and Dexter isn't a very good show.

Thanks to The Glowing StarsAlex “Singyamatokun” Davis and The Kilgores for their song "Family Jewels" off the ocremix "Back In Blue" album!

Oh and guys:

My Dark Souls marathon for Extra Life is THIS SATURDAY. The Kids need your money!

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Once and for all we confirm what is and isn't a puzzle game. Also, are lightsabers the dumbest weapon?

Thanks to The Glowing StarsAlex “Singyamatokun” Davis and JE DEVIENS DJ EN 3 JOURS, the song is called "スーパーパーティー" which, obviously, makes it hard to track down, but you can get it on the Chip In: Japan Album!

Also, if you want:

Goddamn, give some money to kids because I’m going to play Dark Souls for 24 hours.

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Bastion's pretty great. We know this, you know this.

We were way overdue to have a conversation about it so here's 20 minutes of Mat, Tom and Josh chatin' about it!

Bastion, you guys!

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