Oh No! Video Games!

Hey dudes. If you like iTunes we're totally on there and you can subscribe using This Link if you want. We like reviews and ratings too. For us those are like flowers after you've forgotten our anniversary. We don't really care; it's just nice to be thought about once in a while.

This week, for some reason, we talk about Hitman: Blood Money and from 11:15- to 24:47 we talk about Portal 2. Skip that part immediately if you haven't played it. We talk about the ending right away.

Plus there's some "things we wrote this week" discussion that's a bit about PSN security and a bit about achievements. Then some stuff about gay characters in games (specifically: The IGN bullshit that went up recently).

If you want to ask us some questions for next week, send them to @ohnovideogames.

Special thanks to theglowingstars.bandcamp.com and singyamatokun.tumblr.com.

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Hello dearies, we're finally on iTunes which is Totally Nice. You can subscribe using This Link if you want. Oh, and if you leave us a review I can offer you the chance to make out with one of us.

It's the least we can do, really.

In this episode we talk about Portal 2 but really don't spoil anything. We thought about going into some detail but maybe that can wait for a few weeks (Josh still hasn't finished it). We also talk about an idea we have for Pornography Graphs, some Super Meat Boy, the backlash to our Sexism In Games article, go a little more in-depth about publisher-enthusiast relations and surmise the problems with being a SteamPunk. Perhaps unwisely: We also weigh in on the Dickwolves issue. I can understand if you wanna skip that part (it's not very funny).

Plus we play some Shag Marry Kill with Game Developers. A segment we're Never Going To Do Again.

Special thanks to theglowingstars.bandcamp.com and singyamatokun.tumblr.com.

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ON!VG! Episode 2: You Need To Understand Why This Is Important

After a huge delay, we're back to chat about J.Blow, ARGs, High Level competitive gaming, and we Hope You Don't Take It Personally.

Special thanks to theglowingstars.bandcamp.comhttp://tmtmwrk.com/ and singyamatokun.tumblr.com

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