Oh No! Video Games!

We love this game. We talk about it for far too long. We talk about it without any concern for spoilers, so, keep that in mind!

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This was an okay episode listen to it if you want.

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This is one of those times where everything about the podcast fits together! We're just Mat and Tom this week! It's episode 69! We talk about homophobia in Hitman Absolution! There's some recording issues where, sorry, the wrong microphone was recording on my end, but it's not that terrible. Sorry!

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We're sleepy and Mat isn't here, but we can still chat cryptically about Walking Dead, Hitman, paintballing and hecka TV. Music by Jeffrey Hellfucker.

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We get a little sad on this episode! We try to make the most out of some pretty bad situations! Join us! Get your misery on!

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 I... Just listen.

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Martin, Josh and Tom sit down and try to get to the bottom of those mysterious phone calls. Spoilers for the whole plot of Hotline Miami in here, so don't listen if you don't want to hear them.

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Hey! I edited this for the first time in about a month! I hope I've remembered how to do it!


Dota 2! - Lords management is a weird genre and it either resonates with you or doesn't. I think I like it! I still don't know anything about it!

Heads Up, Hot Dog! - Balance Hot Dogs on people's heads. Don't think too much about why.

Asphix! - A game that uses the honour system. You hold your breath if you character goes underwater and press a button to die if you breathe in. It's rare to allow the player such a level of exploitative ability! 

TF2's Cool Halloween Mode! - Josh describes it as interesting, it ends on Monday so if you're reading this after then? I guess... Wait until next year?

Prison Architect! - Martin created the perfect prison, but do things go his way??

Xcom! - Still an incredible game!

Risk Legacy! - We can barely talk about why it's cool, but keep bringing it up!

Dark Heresy! - Y'all should know about Dark Heresy already!

Dark Heresy!

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I was really sleepy this episode, there were long periods while editing where I realised I was actually hearing this stuff for the first time because I had been staring vacantly into space while it actually happened. Hotline Miami! Frog Fractions! Probability 0! Prison Architect! That Slender game! Hawken! Continuity!

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There's this band called Brite Futures and they used to be called Natalie Portman's Shaved Head but then they had to change the name for legal reasons and it's a huge shame, because that name only gets more funny as it gets less topical.

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This episode is a week late because we ran out of hosting space and now I have to go edit this week's podcast so EXCUUUUUSE ME IF I DON'T FEEL LIKE WRITING SOMETHING WITTY, OK?!

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Also Mat bought Bad Piggies. I wonder if he'll bring it up at all?

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We recorded this on the Friday of Eurogamer!

There's some issue with sound levels, but unlike last year it's totally listenable!

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We talk a lot about really smart things like decision importance being hightened by the length of time it takes to perform an action, but first, we talk about John Campbell for a really long time!

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The start of this podcast is like a lover's embrace, but you say he's just a friend. Tune in to the latest in a series of bad decisions, in which we record a live show in my front room and drink beer and I laugh so hard it nearly breaks the mic. Video games, y'all!

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Indie Game Book Club is back, and it's blockier than ever. In this episode, we discuss Thirty Flights of Loving, Brendon Chung's amazing new game. Check it out and then have a listen!

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THE GRAND FINALE. Will the acolytes escape? Will Eleanor and Jeffrey finally kiss? Will Phebia ever quit being a badass? Tune in to find out the answer to at least one of these questions!

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Podcast! Okay! Cool!

Music’s by The Glowing Stars. Art’s by Alex Davis.

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Dust! Darksiders! Gamescom! Katamari! Argument champion! Polygon! This episode has all the stuff!

Art's by Alex Davis, Music's by The Glowing Stars

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ON!VG! Episode 56: From the Creators of Duke Nukem Forever

Hey Tom is uploading the episode this week and he's never done that before so if it's all gone wrong it is probably the fault of internet goblins.

Thanks to Alex "Singyamatokun" Davis, The Glowing Stars and you the listeners.

No Mat this week he was at Gamescom.

I went on for a bit too long about Legend of Grimrock but maybe you'll like it, who knows.

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I want real life Space Jam so bad.

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You're the Gostak. Your goal is to Distim the Doshes.

Music’s by The Glowing Stars. Art’s by Alex Davis.

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In which a certain MacGregor receives his comeuppance. Or something like that, anyway.

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We recorded this one a little while ago so I can't actually remember what we talked about. I'm sure it was good, though.

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The adventure continues, despite the break!

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I... Yeah. You're just going to have to hear it.

Music’s by The Glowing Stars. Art’s by Alex Davis.

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This could have gone up days ago I am super sorry.

Music’s by The Glowing Stars. Art’s by Alex Davis.

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You can't teach an old podcast new tricks. Why even would you? That seems like a waste of your time.

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Sorry we didn't put one of these up for a while. I wish we had a good reason.

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E3's this thing that happens.

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Maybe you should buy it. You should prob'ly buy it.

Music's by The Glowing Stars, Art's by Alex Davis.

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The naming convention for episodes of Friends was interesting because, for the most part, the names of TV Show episodes only serve to help super-fans and the production staff. You'll rarely catch anyone saying "-30-", you'll hear them say "The Last Episode of The Wire"

Not that I'm a fan, but Peter Kay used to have a spot on Channel 4 called That Peter Kay Thing, named because it wouldn't matter what the show was called, if you were talking about it down the pub the next day then you probably wouldn't have said the actual title.

So, yeah; for you. This one's the one right after all the Tentacle Bento Stuff.

Oh, we talk about the Feminist Frequency Kickstarter too, which you can and should totally help fund.

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This one's the best one. You might as well not even bother with the rest. 

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Su Puh-Library

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We apologise in advance. We're kinda juvenile.

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We literally get Darker and More Heretical in this, the second season of Dark Heresy.

If you liked the show before we do more of what made it great.

If you never listened before then it's not too important that you do to catch up but you'll miss all sorts of callbacks.

Listen intently, as we murder people that don't deserve it and make exceedingly terrible life decisions.

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Martin wasn't here and we recorded a pretty decent episode. Perhaps the two events are connected in some way?

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The final episode of, uh, Season 1 I guess? Look out for more episodes of ONVGPDH in the coming weeks!

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We're gonna try and get better about linking to the stupid stuff we talk about, so, here's some of those:

Sword In Hand http://www.freeindiegam.es/2012/03/sword-in-hand-jeff-lait/
Epic Sax Game http://www.freeindiegam.es/2012/03/epic-sax-game-pippin-barr/
Craequ http://www.freeindiegam.es/2012/03/craequ-jonathan-whiting/

Art's by Alex Davis, Music's by The Glowing Stars

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Sorry to break it to you.

Music's by The Glowing Stars, Art's (normally) by Alex Davis (but this week it's @tomsmizzle)

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It's a fantastic experience.

Music’s by The Glowing Stars. Art’s By Alex Davis.

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This isn't over yet?

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If you're going to feature a homosexual relationship option in the game, make it in line with the content of the heterosexual ones. Anything less cheapens your sentiment.

We talk about other stufff too, but I felt like complaining more here.

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Oh man!

It's time for Dark Heresy!

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We'd have preferred more content last week, y'know. We didn't have anything to discuss and then the news wells just busted open today.

Music's by The Glowing Stars. Art's By Alex Davis.

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It's true!

Martin, Tom, Josh and Mat get together to discuss Triple Town addiction, hula hooping, My Little Pony and more. This episode with a special remix of the Glowing Stars by Martin; keep an eye on twitter to see when the full version gets released.

Thanks as always to Alex Davis for the art.

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Sorry for the wait! We're bad at scheduling content!

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I’ll admit there’s some irony in berating a website for a terrible tribute and then pretty much only discussing the controversy, not the person.

Thanks to The Glowing Stars and Alex “Singyamatokun” Davis’.

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The best Spiderman movie, the best zombie movie and the best T-T-T-TOM DROPS feature in this week's podcast.

And so do these links!

Chip Zdarsky's Watchmen 2: http://www.warrenellis.com/?p=13655

The Death and Return of Superman:


Star Wars Ep 1 Children's trailer:


The Radiolab Sleep episode:


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Episode 37: ChatChatChatChat

ChatChat. ChatChat? ChatChat.

This week's podcast is "incrungibung", as we talk about Cart Life, the Syndicate and The Darkness II demos, and the finest elevator simulator ever made. It's probably a bit more "raw & uncut" than normal, but das how we do.

Josh edited the podcast, so naturally, you get some Pokémon dubstep this week. "Pokémon Red&Blue (I Won't Let You Take Me Seriously)" comes courtesy of Credulity Kills. And of course, The Glowing Stars play us in and out ever so graciously.

How good is Alex "Singyamatokun" Davies' art, you guys? Seriously.

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Still early in the year. We aren't playing a lot of games. I mean, I'm playing a lot of games. I played Catherine and can't talk about it for two weeks! I'm playing Soul Calibur V too and I'm still not able to talk about that. Oh well.

So, on top of the theme tune this week The Glowing Stars also let us use tracks from their colab album with Awkward Terrible. Get the album at: "http://awkwardterrible.bandcamp.com/album/horchata". We've used the songs "George Jetson's Inflatable Cop" and "Nicholas D. Wolfwood". They're great! So are the other tracks on that album!

If you like the episode art, that's great too! It's by Alex “Singyamatokun” Davis!

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It can't stop continuing.

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Welcome to 2012! Don't play Katawa Shoujo. This episode starts with a bit of talk about games that didn't quite make it into our GOTY posts but are definitely worth checking out. Don't play Katawa Shoujo. We talk about some news like the current state of the IGF and give previews of Skullgirls and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Don't play Katawa Shoujo.

If you like our theme song, that's great! It's by The Glowing Stars! If you like the episode art, that's great too! It's by Alex “Singyamatokun” Davis!

The break music the week comes courtesy of OCReMix! Check out The Life and Death of Kirby by Insert Rupee and The Unbroken by Nutritious!

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A few weeks ago we recorded a series of podcasts, live, that captured a span of Dark Heresy missions.

Today, we introduce our characters and the planet of Caveam XIV. 

You're in for a treat.

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