Oh No! Video Games!

Perhaps we went overly long. That's a plus, right? I guess we just had a lot to talk about? Is too much episode a good thing? As the person listening to it you'd probably appreciate the free entertainment, but for the person making it; you kinda worry that people will think "oh man, I gotta sit through it for that long?"

What I'm saying is we, in our own ways, all lack self confidence.

As always, we answer your questions! Send us more at @ohnovideogames! The Indie Game Book Club for this week is The Stanley Parable: Play it and let us know what you think! You can email us, tweet at us or join our facebook page if you think that isn't totally dumb. I think it's pretty dumb.

Special thanks to the Glowing StarsSingyamatokun and the Super Collab of Sixto Sounds and zircon.

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