Oh No! Video Games!

We went to Rezzed and didn't record a show after because we were too busy! Shit!

This week our Big Conversation is about Random Puzzle Generation Vs Authored Design!


Towerfall: Ascension / Nidhogg / Divekick / Smash Bros / Skullgirls / Marvel Vs Capcom / Gang Beasts
Dota 2
Sumotori Dreams
A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build
Hotline Miami 2
Alien: Isolation
Biome  / TerraTech  / Skies of Saturn 
Dobble / Jungle Speed
Helsing's Fire
Monument Valley / Naya's Quest / Miegakure
Changetype() / Glitchspace / Starseed Pilgrim
FTL: Advanced Edition / Brogue
Bubsy 3D / Perfect Stride


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Mat's Dota 2 Tumblr!
The Vlambeer Games You Never Played (it's on Kotaku not Polygon. Sorry!)

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